Creating Server Messages for DayZ Xbox Console

  • I'm very new to owning my own private server for any game and I chose DayZ, thinking about Ark next. I'm also new to coding and following the values system for the games specific codes. I'm trying to create the system messages for the server restarts I plan to do every 6 hrs and other messages alike. HOWEVER after watching videos and searching countless forums I found I need the config. files to appear under the configuation profiles link in Gen Settings. WHY IS MINE NOT THERE?!? I'm at an all time loss and would very much appreciate some help in delving into the insane world that is game server owning, and file configurations.

  • Hi ForevaJugga,

    I personally don't have any experience with the XBOX DayZ side of things, but I am familiar with the PC DayZ side.

    I would advise for you to submit a ticket to Nitrado Support for assistance with your question as they will be best to advise :) You can find the link in my signature!

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  • Hello

    For server messages on console its located in the file browser part. You should see this on the left hand side when you're on the server dashboard or if you're using mobile it will be in the menu on the top left you will see file browser about half way down.

    From file browser you select

    Dayz missions folder, then the map you're currently running, then click db and you will see messages within that file. Ive included the link to our wiki page as well.