Car Spawns

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  • Hi, I’ve just got my own server and I’ve set all values of the civiliansedan to 1.00 so I can get perfect vehicles. I have then set all player spawn points to the sedan spawn points and whenever you spawn in the game there is sometimes a car and when there is the car is not 100% perfect.

    also note I put additional attachments on the car to put things in trunk but they are not there either.

  • Thats because of the object lifetime. you have to wait until the "old-versioned" cars despawn to make space for the new one. same to loot. You always have to wait till the old objects despawn. So single changes can take up to hours or days depending how long you set the lifetime.

    You could set min/max/nominal to 0 restart and wait 5-10 minutes to get the server the despawns done, shut down, restore original min/max/nominal and restart.