Character transfer issues

  • I have a 4 map Ark cluster on Xbox. Servers are Center, Rag, Genesis, and Aberration.

    For whatever reason, Ragnarok is the only server on my cluster with connection/transfer issues. If you try to load into it, you disconnect from the server and have to try 2-3 times in a row. If you try to transfer out of Rag to another server, it either deletes your character or just doesn't transfer you at all.

    Every setting that isn't map-specific is identical on each of my 4 servers, and that includes Transfer Settings. Everything is working as it should, on every map, however Ragnarok is the only map with any issue, and that's connection.

    I've tried everything:

    Modifying my code

    Completely rewriting my code

    Restoring old config files

    Uninstalling and reinstalling the server

    Changing the Cluster ID

    Enabled/Disabled tribute downloads

    And more.

    Any idea what would help? This is aggravating because I spent nearly $40 USD on the server and Nitrado support has ignored me thus far.

  • Same exact issue for me with Ragnarok. I made a cluster and I’m able to transfer to Rag the first time. But when I try to transfer back to another cluster, I only have the option of spawning in as a new character. Is there no hope for getting back lost characters?

  • I had this issue.

    File a ticket, call Nitrado.

    My servers were running on 2 different versions. In other words, one server had updated after wildcard released updates, one had not. Nitrado may have to update your servers. Have them check.

    This was my issue also. Thanks for pointing it out, my transfer issues are resolved. To anyone else, the fastest way to get this sorted as rachel said is to just call them. Don't even bother with a ticket, call.