Server crashes dozen of times after automated restarts

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  • Hi folks,

    I had an issue where the server keeped crashing dozen of times after an gui-automated-restart. Everytime I or someone else logged in after restart the server crashed and needed 10 minutes or longer to restart. In this time it was still shown in the lobby but multiple times. A friend asked me one day why I have 36 gameservers running...

    Nitrado was no help at this one.... again. They claimed not to get any more logs they represent us in the gui and I had to report the crashes by exact hours & minute and as I did they did not answer anymore. really disappointing by the price of the servers.

    However I just deleted all automated restarts and my server now runs days or weeks without a restart. The more traffic there is the more RAM gets used. when it reaches about 10GB the cars and inventory get more buggy and I do a manual restart whichs triggers no problems like the automated ones. Restart takes 5 mimutes and i can play again.

    Hope this helps!