Do not advertise phone support when there isn't any

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  • I called support number like my ticket suggested.

    All Support numbers do is re direct you to an automated message that tells you that they are assisting other customers and disconnects you.

    Why is there not a phone queue that lets you stay on hold? I understand that the hold times would be ridiculous but from what I do for a living I can sit through very long hold times knowing that eventually I get to talk to each human being.

    I'm not asking for miracles here but I'm asking you to remove the numbers and take your directions off your tickets if you can't even hold up your end of the bargain and answer the phone or at least give me a way to contact you for a "on time sensitive matters". Don't make frustrating situations 300 times worse by telling people to do something that won't help them .

    Also get rid of the please visit our website for common questions and answer part of the message. These are Internet services that most of us on renting for online gaming, we know how to use a website and if we could find the answers on your website we definitely wouldn't be wasting our time calling you.

    admit that you can't handle the volume and be done with it so people know to shop for other servers or go elsewhere if they need more timely service.

  • Completely empathise with the issue connecting to us on the phones. Firstly let me state that phone support is infact a real thing, I think the issue you're running into is that the phone line has a limited queue, only so many people can join the queue at a time. Otherwise you will receive that message you've mentioned. I would recommend calling back 5-10minutes later which is suggested in the automated message.

    The phone message says: "Thank you for calling Nitrado USA if you're receiving this message during our regular business hours, we're currently busy assisting other customers. Please visit our website for the answers to the most common questions, contact us via E-Mail or call us back in few minutes, goodbye."

    If you have a constructive suggestion on how we could improve that message, please feel free, we're always happy to take onboard input!