connect to server failed could not retrieve server information

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  • I have the same issue as well. It was working fine last night, but has since fallen over.

    Looks like it's missing some files? Such as steam_api64.dll and possibly Magick.Native-Q16-HDRI-x64.dll

  • Howdy Mav, Nice to see you on this forum too. Sadly, I'm reporting the same problem this morning. Server is not showing up in History in Server List screen in Empyrion and if I try to direct connect via IP:Port I get a cannot connect to server message.

  • Hello

    Since you all are having the same issue. I would put in support tickets if you haven't already. And if possible to call during the open phone hours. Ill make them aware it seems to be a same issue for everyone as well.

    I have already opened a ticket this afternoon :)

  • Heey Karghen, good to see you here too lol I opened a ticket the 21st of June, no replies until the 25th someone replied saying "unfortunately I will need to forward your ticket to the appropriate department" and never heard back again, today is July 2nd. Also the server overwrites the Dedicated.yaml file whether I change it by hand on the website or upload it, or overwrite it via FTP, it keeps changing the settings itself on each startup.

  • Ridiculous, I also have had about 2 days of gameplay in the last 10 days. The server does not show up in the server list. I find myself refreshing and restarting the server every 5 minutes for 3 hours until I can actually get into my server. Big fail, will be looking for refunds.

  • Hey all

    New to forums but wanted to say we are also havingthe same issue - just wont load in properly - managed to get one session work once after ltererally just hitting restart sever and trying - rinse and repeat (must have been 20+ restarts) but now that's gone again.

    I notice there is no mention of this on the empyrion official forums?

  • Been having the same issue with my server not showing up aswell. This never used to happen the past several times I used the service for this game.

    Update: it may have been coincidence but I decided to give it a try after seeing a error steam api64.dll could not load/missing and doing some searches online I was told to try disabling EAC on your server. FOR NOW it works fine now so give it a try until update fix is released.:)

  • Hi guys, I had this same issue yesterday, I managed to resolve it by doing the following;

    1.) Obviously shutdown the server first!!!!!!

    2.) Open FTP and connecting to the host

    3.) Going into folder /empyrion/DedicatedServer/EmpyrionDedicated_Data/

    4.) Creating a new folder called 'Mono'

    5.) Going into folder /empyrion/DedicatedServer/EmpyrionDedicated_Data/Plugins/

    6.) Downloading a copy of steam_api64.dll to my local machine to the Desktop area

    7.) Going into folder /empyrion/DedicatedServer/EmpyrionDedicated_Data/Mono/

    8.) Uploading a copy of steam_api64.dll from my local machine to the Mono folder

    9) Start the server again!!!!!

    The error for me occurred when I tried to add myself as an admin to the server via the adminconfig.yaml file. To verify my Steam 64 ID the server runs the plugin Steam_api64.dll, this in turn called some dependencies that are supposed to be in the Mono folder. Apparently some releases ago, Eleon deleted this folder and claimed that they had removed all requirements for it. So I am not sure how this is an issue now.

    Hopefully this should help some people out. I am not sure if Eleon are aware of this issue, I did notice on the official forums, some similar complaints regarding the EAH tool spitting out the same error.

    Anyhow, good luck!