How do I password protect my Empyrion Server

  • How do I password protect my server? Sorry I'm kind of new to this and the layout is totally different than ark

    Thank you to anyone that can help me

  • 1. Stop the server

    2. on the left hand side find the link to the Config Files

    3. Load the dedicated.yaml file

    4. Find the config line named Srv_Password:

    5. Add your password after the colon

    6. Save the file

    7. Load one of the other config files

    8. Reload the dedicated.yaml file and make sure your change saved

    9. Restart the server

    10. Test to see if you are prompted for a login the next time you connect to your server

    [Note: After successfully logging into a server for the first time, Empyrion will remember the server password and not require you to enter each time you connect. It will only require a new login if the server password is changed]