[nitrado.net] CC-UK SCUMBAG Central - HIGH Loot/Vehicles/Zombies! NO BR!

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  • Hi all!

    Thought i'd get in here first with my Nitrado SCUM Server in case any of you fellow 'SCUM'bags' would like to join for some fun ;)

    Server IP:

    My CC-UK SCUMBAG CENTRAL server is configured as follows:

    -64 Slots

    -HIGH Loot

    -MAX Vehicles

    -INCREASED Zombies/Puppets

    -INCREASED Cargo Drops

    -INCREASED Animals/Wildlife

    -Mechs turned ON

    -Base Building Restrictions turned OFF (Main rule around this is to ensure that you do not prevent enjoyment of the game for other players e.g. dont build around a high/special loot area)

    -Optional FREE Starter Pack! Contact an Admin in-game or on the CC-UK Discord server (Discord) to receive your free optional in-game starter pack!

    We have active Admins monitoring the server each day, however if an Admin is not in-game, then they can be contacted via the CC-UK Discord server: Discord

    Come get some8)


  • crypt0ninja

    Changed the title of the thread from “[Nitrado] CC-UK SCUMBAG Central - HIGH Loot/Vehicles/Zombies! NO Mechs/BR! -​:7799​” to “[nitrado.net] CC-UK SCUMBAG Central - HIGH Loot/Vehicles/Zombies! NO BR!”.