Resetting my Nitrado 7D2d Server

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  • Simple answer - you don't wipe it.

    Complex answer - you need to got through the Darkness falls mod Server files and copy them to the corresponding files on the Nitrado server. Make sure you overwrite. Go into each directory and copy the files across so they are in the right location etc. Any extra directories Dfalls has - create them in the same place on the server.

    You also need to be using the non experimental version on the server, at least until Dfalls is updated for A19.

    Once you have done this - it should work, you will only know when you can successfully log into the game on the server.

    If you are using Nitrogen to create the maps make sure you add the two DFalls POI's to the POI files otherwise you wont be able to "complete" the game so to speak.

    Took a bit of faffing around but I got there in the end - good luck!

  • Thank you. Maybe I didnt put something in the Right Spot.

    so the 7DaysToDieSever_Data would be placed in the main file to overwrite the 7DaysToDieSever_Data folder thats there already
    Data would overwrite Data

    And Mods get placed under mods.

    IS this Correct? because that seems to be what I did and it tells me "Cannot retrieve Server Info.

  • Well It sees the Server now Mbelsten but now it says when I try to connect that I need to enable Anticheat and I have no idea how to do that through the ModLauncher.

    So - initially you would have a copy of the game through the mod launcher then added darkness falls mod. Did your Vanilla install of 7dtd have EAC enabled or disabled?

    If it was disabled you probably need to redo it ensuring it is enabled.

    Sorry to be vague - not seen that problem before so unsure how to fix it... I know in the serverconfig.xml file you can set it to true or false - but that just might be for when you start a sp game rather than going into a server.....