Upgrading server to 1.08 questions

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  • Hey guys, not been able to find much in regard to upgrading server when 1.08 hits, running a ton of mods and have done a lot of customization.

    Wondering if it will all be lost, (have a backup of /config folder types, init.c, serverDZ..

    and how / what the process is to upgrade to 1.08 etc,

    Any advice would be awesome.

    Cheers in advance

  • So just checked server and it is just "restarting" so I assume at this point it is bollock it and start from scratch...got back ups for most things just a p.i.t.a thanks for the replies guys ;)

  • Modded servers need to manually add the new items and change the appropriate values for various items ourself, theres also changes outside the types.xml file that need to be made.

    Theres 3 ways you can go about it;

    1. Wipe your server, full reinstall, then script your server again using copy-paste from your modified files.
    2. Get the original 1.08 files, then script them using again, copy-paste from your modified files.
    3. The hard way, my way. Get the original 1.08 files, find everything from the new update from all the files, copy it over to your .xml files and make your adjustments.

    Im saying .xml files, because the types.xml file is far from the only file which need to be changed.

    The original 1.08 files can either be gotten by reinstalling the server, resetting to default .xml's on server restart, buy a new server (what I did, didnt have patience to wait for the server to make a backup).
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