gameusersettings.ini/game.ini issue

  • Hello people,

    I've come across an issue. My friends and I started a server on Ark through Nitrado and we amplified the settings hardcore. Due to everyone having different things going on we all cannot play together as much, leaving me as the only current player who is on every day (I also pay for the server rental). I decided to uninstall the server and install it again as I THOUGHT that would refresh everything and allow me to start anew, but I guess I f'd up. I went to change the name of the server but there is nothing under gameusersettings.ini/game.ini. It is completely blank and empty. I looked on the steam forum and copy and pasted the general info that comes with the server before you can change it, however when I go to save it it does not in fact save. Tl;dr expert settings are empty, what do? I just want to play legit albeit increased carry capacity per item, and this is proving to be a tad difficult.

    Any help would be appreciated.