Server Troubles

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  • Already made a thread regaring this matter, however it has been closed, always helpful ^^

    Conan has been down for 4 days, i am new to this server provider and i'm really baffled by the support, i've been waiting 3 days for a ticket response now to help me fix my issue. I am really unsure of what my options are, as it seems no one will respond to my support ticket at this time, does anyone actually no whats going on with these server, my problems started after the conan update recently. I have had the server down now almost as long as it's been up... Hopefully someone else can shed some light onthe matter as im getting nowhere through 'support'.

    Heres the issue from the previous thread for context:

    After the update on Conan Exiles, no CPU or RAM activity is being displayed, and i have been unable to connect the server to the game. When i try to start, or restart the server it will continue to restart until eventually stating 'Server stopped'. This has been on going from last night through to today.