Economy, Loot, and Load Outs

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  • Currently i am having issues with multiple things,
    1. Are the Hoxton, Dallas and Wolf mask removed completely? I've created a custom event and tested and they will not spawn. types.xml is edited correctly, other items assigned will spawn inside chest but not the masks.
    2. We have 2 servers, and the server im DEV everything on does not want to seem to reset loot on restart. I know this is possible as our MAIN server will restart, and all items such as anything harvested and untouched (Cut Trees, Garden Plots, and certain items remaining on the ground) will be gone upon login. Now there is an "economy boba.xml" inside DB, with all the ranges set real high, upon replacing those into the OG economy, no loot will spawn. It remains in DB but does not seem to effect anything on the DEV. How do i get it to wipe non persistent items(untouched loot) upon reset?
    3. Currently is there ANY way to edit the spawn load out of players for XBOX servers?

    I'm well versed in xml, as well as modding OG DayZ ArmaII:OA , but its been so long these are the few things eluding me. All other server configs are working properly and custom loot of various kinds are spawning. If i can get help with these 3 tasks, the server would be ready for public