Dropped from server after 10 minutes (pretty regular) - Have restored Backup pre-update

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  • Xbox Console client I drop pretty consistency after 10 minutes. I have restarted the server, I have restored a backup that was pre-update.

    The dinos often lose there texture during play and become a very block render... ever see a Raptor w/o its scales & feathers, not pretty.

    I have read the Wildcard letter, and I go tthe feeling that others were playing just w/o abberation dinos, although I dont know how it would be playable if they are having the same experience as me.

    I understand that there is a update that will be needed for console clients, is this 10 minute drop the expected experience until that update?

    If there are any setting on the Nitrado Server that I can adjust to fix the console client drop issue please let me know, appreciate the help.

  • Ohiogould

    Changed the title of the thread from “Dropped from sever after 10 minutes (pretty regular) - Have restored Backup pre-update” to “Dropped from server after 10 minutes (pretty regular) - Have restored Backup pre-update”.
  • this exactly whats happening to me and a friend on a aberration server that I own is it only for abberatio. When the server 'drops you' does the screen go black?

    If you find out what the problem is please reply so I can resolve it

  • Based on @notdollie ARK community agent, I believe there is a client side console update required that can not be approved until Monday, so... you know, enjoy a weekend of 10 minute sessions of ARK, or like me play Conan Exiles w/ your friends because you just went to Gamestop and cleaned out their pre-owned stock, and then dropped it off at your RLF houses.

    Amazon has next day delivery of Conan Exiles for $19.99

    Good Luck, I will look forward to a more stable ARK next week.