Nitrado software is editing and fatally breaking the config file

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  • After 3 days of research and successfully getting dedicated servers to work everywhere else but Nitrado, I parsed the logs and discovered that Nitrado scripts are editing the config file and introducing fatal errors, such as null values in required fields and time limits so low as to cause the server to time out before human interaction is possible.

    I can't figure out how to get Nitrado to run a known good configuration file without running the script to introduce errors. Technical support never responded to my ticket. I would assume, under the circumstances, that there are zero Nitrado-hosted Empyrion servers that actually work. It is impossible unless there is some way to bypass the configuration editing script.

    I am confident that I will never get the server to work, due to the configuration edits induced by Nitrado. I am reversing the charges. It's only $6, but the reversed charge will cost Nitrado $35 to process. Hate to do it, but they failed me badly.


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