Ark Survival Evolved Server Backups Not Occurring

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  • Date & Time: 26 JUN 20. 1645 EST

    Hello Again,

    I came across a possible major issue because of what is happening in Ark right now. I tried searching the Forum with no success for this particular problem.

    Before I start, I know:

    1) Xbox server saves cannot be controlled by players.

    2) Microsoft has restricted access to the actual files, and there is no way around that.

    3) The map saves can occur at random intervals (I do not know why though).

    4) I can only *use* the backups files; I cannot create, access, or edit them.

    5) The servers create their own backups.

    So here's my issue. I have 4 servers in my Cluster. All 4 servers have map saves going back to 21 JUN 20 at shortly before midnight UTC+2 (1150-1157 for all 4). All map saves before this time are gone for all 4 servers. Yesterday, I had one map save going back to 20 JUN 20. It seems the old map saves are dropping daily.

    On 25 JUN, I could rollback to any time of 21 JUN.

    On 26 JUN, I can rollback to any time of 22 JUN.

    Ark's data corruption happened on 25 JUN. If this timeframe continues:

    On 29 JUN, I will be able to rollback to any time of 25 JUN.

    On 30 JUN, I will be able to rollback to any time of 26 JUN, but this will be after the data corruption from the update. So I need to do a map save rollback no later than Monday evening. This could be a problem is console servers are not fixed by Monday, so I scrolled down to my Server Backups, and this is the scary part. My servers are not creating server backups or database backups.

    My 4 servers are on Isl, Rag, Val, and a rotating event server. The last server and database backups are as follow:

    Isl- 19 Jun

    Rag-18 Jun

    Val- 18 Jun

    Event- 21 Jun

    Once my map saves drop off, I won't have any backups until the dates above. The servers were creating the backups every 1-2 days until they suddenly stopped doing it. Does anyone know why they are not creating backups anymore? I'm in a position where on Monday I have no choice but to do a rollback to before the Summer Bash event because I won't have any other files to rollback to. Also, will the server saves continue to drop off even if shutdown the servers? I would be willing to shut them down until the Ark issues are fixed if that would stop the deletion of old save files?

    Thank You in advance for any help!!!

  • What your seeing is normal nitrado only backs up 4-5days. Wildcard released another update today and all seems well. I only needed to rollback 1-2days you might be fine too.

    I'm going to assume stopping the sever would stop the backups but I've never tested it.