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  • Hi,

    All options to prevent download of dinos, items, survivors and upload off survivors are on, on my nitrado ark server but we still can upload dinos and items but we are not alloed to download them, how to deactivate this please ? And to not be able to download/upload anything ?

    I also have many other questions on the settings of ark server, especially on nitrado, so if someone know much about it and wan't to help me you can MP me because I don't want to pollute the forum with a lot of messages

  • I saw that on small tribe the gathering was x3 but my question is why do I get 5 rock per 5 rock on the beach ? At the moment there is the summer event, I don't know if it's impacting gathering ration but if we suppose that it does 3x2=6, but I still gather 5 rocks ?

    And I have also an other question, I have a nitrado server with my friends and I want the exacts same settings of small tribes, I know that this 6players max for tribes, no alliances, server rates x3 (harvest, taming, experience), 2x maturation, 2x egg hatching, 2x gestation and 50% reduced mating interval ??

    But my question is what are, and how can I know general settings and not rates, I know that when you open the menu it show servers info but not all settings for example : is the collision activated, are we alow to build under drops, or in rich area ? If this is "default settings" is there a topic or a web page of all official servers settings or "default" settings please because by default nitrado set some settings not like the "default" one of the game ?

    for more example of settings that i don't know what they are on small tribes are : is pvpoffline activated, is UseOptimizedHarvestingHealth activated, is ClampResourceHarvestDamage activated, is cave building activated, is UseCorpseLocator activated, is NonPermanentDiseases activated, etc..... ?

  • Its due to the event more than likely. And even if it wasnt the event, if you have 3x, you might pick up a rock as x2, or some as x5. It is not always 100% accurate. Just know this how DBs work and their inquiries. And of course my ARK experience. Dont get me wrong, im not expert/dev. Just based on my personally experience.

    Most of that can be set easily in the WebUI. however unless you know exactly the official servers specs are, you will not be able to get exact. The whole purpose of having a personal server really: set as you see fit and want. I think that is the idea behind hosting a server. Personal opinion.

    Collision, build under drops, in rich area is all in the WebUI.

    It appears you are trying to duplicate an official exactly. And more than likely you wont be able too. Nitrado servers do have 'default' settings and they are nearly identical as official in the beginning. But in the years, officials have changed I am sure at some level. Kinda just leave it as default and adjust as needed as admins do now.