Turn off the weather?

  • The new weather included in the June 24 update needs a bit of work by Keen. Major storms every 10 minutes is too much.

    Is there a way to disable weather on Nitrado DS? I would expect it to be in the settings page but don't see it. I'm guessing Nitrado programmers need to catch up with the new release of SE.

  • To manually disable the weather:

    The configuration value is stored in: 'spaceeng_profile/saves/<name of your game>/Sandbox_config.sbc

    Back up the file.

    Edit it and change the value of 'WeatherSystem' from 'true' to 'false'.

    Restart your server.

    If there was a weather event occurring when you did the restart it will be be going. You'll have to stop that manually (alt-F10). After that you should have no more weather.

  • Thank You. I have been looking for this since the update. I have used the Alt-F10 Remove weather command only to have lightning blow a hole in my base literally less than five minutes later. This happened twice in one day.