Nitrado Customer Service (Relating to the current Timed out issue with EPIC clients) - is this normal?

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  • Does anyone know if other hosts are having this problem or just Nitrado?

    Im a new customer of theirs and want to understand if this poor customer service and complete lack of communication is normal? - I get that sometimes things go wrong, but to not provide updates or an ETA to paying customers is extreamly poor service, should I escape now? - Looking for a geneuine responce, not just 'go now' etc... because people are angry at the current situation, I just want to know if this is how they always do business? - do they have more downtime than other providers?

    How easy is it to transfer your progress over?

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Nirdado Customer Service (Relating to the current Timed out issue with EPIC clients) - is this normal?” to “Nitrado Customer Service (Relating to the current Timed out issue with EPIC clients) - is this normal?”.
  • Hello

    I'm sorry youre having a bad first impression. I cant ever say things wont go wrong or have a hiccup with updates. We never like for it to happen but it does happen sometimes. Sometimes with a new release or a large new update.

    There has been communication on the forums through pinned threads and also through out our social media accounts which can be found at the very bottom of the forums.

    Usually if an issue like this come up like this you will see multiple posts on the forum. Us mods and or a person with a Nitrado tag will either close or merge them together to make one larger post so we can better communicate with you all. A notification will usually go out on the Nitrado app or website as well.

    Feel free to submit a ticket as well so that support knows your server is being affected by the issue. If I missed any of your questions please let me know.

  • I agree the forums are moderated and there is a pinned post but no official updates have been given in that thread for over 12 hours. The twitter accounts seem to last tweeted on this issue around the same time. I understand it is not your issue or fault, but I'm sure you can see that if I can't find a cursory update (I'm assuming there isn't one?) on this issue the methods of communication are not great.