Steam account also having crashing issues.

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  • Hello again.

    Today, after 3 days of constant timeout from server, having to restart server (taking around 10 mins each time), i sent a ticket to Support.

    Today, i got the message stating that something was being investigated, when my friends finally manage to login, server was wiped!!

    Giving the history of messed Epic stuff,(also no mods support ) and the bad servers from Nitrado, i decided to buy the game from steam, since it is, no doubt, more stable and versatile (read mod support).

    Took me 3 hours to finally find the server, and im STILL BEING TIMED OUT!

    So Epic is unstable, and now Steam also doesnt work...

    Nitrado, fix your servers, im paying for a service that you are not providing (seems theres alot of that in this forum).

    Tired of losing hours of work because your servers cant work properly.

  • Could have been related to recent patches/updates. Check your log for any errors.

    I have been unable to duplicate any steam issue on existing servers.

    If you are still having issues please create a ticket with Nitrado Support to further investigate.

    Thank you.