Empyrion server settings reset to default every shut down.

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  • Just checking to see if others can check their server settings...

    My server isn't able to retain any custom settings.

    Mainly the Web Interface fails to apply said updates. When the config .json file is updated and imported it does apply, but then resets whenever the server restarts.

    Applying the same settings in the admin console using the gopt command has the best success rate so far of applying the settings, but just like the .json file it to also resets to default when the server resets.

    Can other server admins check?

    If its happened and you know of a fix can you update please? I've attempted to reach out to support via tickets and have not gotten any substantial help. (claiming its nothing on their end, saying nothing is found out of the ordinary, etc)



  • This is happening to me too, unfortunately I have yet to figure out what is causing the issue. I am suspecting it is something within the programming of the Empyrion Dedi app at the minute. Please let me know if you were able to resolve it...

  • Same. I don't know why this thread is marked as Resolved......

    I think the root cause is that Nitrado/Empyrion doesn't correctly "pick up" the gameoptions.yaml file. For example, if I make EnableCPUPoints=true or EnableVolumeWeight=true (either through the Nitrado dashboard panel or manually by uploading the config file), neither settings "stick." If you Google search, there's numerous references to this issue here, Empyrion's forums, Reddit, etc. Also peculiar is that the config file sits on one line (which is basically incorrect formatting) likely contributing to the problem.

    What's also frustrating (at least for me) is that the server doesn't show up if I manually "Stop the Server" and manually "Start the Server" through the Nitrado site. Server only shows up if I "Start the Server" then "Reboot the Server." Very bizarre......

  • If you are still having issue please contact Nitrado Support for further investigation. And if you already went to support either try again or follow the direction they suggested.

    Moderators have no access to servers or accounts.

    This is a Community Support Forum for gamers and admins like all of us to suggest, come up with ideas, or assisting each other.

    Link: Support | nitrado.net

    Thank you.