The Forest server connectivity issues

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  • According to the "Connect to a The Forest Game Server" nitrado wiki page there are 3 ways to join a server:

    • Using the (Dedicated Internet) list, type your server name under "Filter by Name"
      • This works fine, but requires you to wait for the list to reload and filter every time you want to connect, not ideal
    • Approach 1: Steam favourites list
      • Adding the server by IP:port+1 shows the server as running a The Forest server correctly with the server name. However:
        • Trying to connect via the steam servers window correctly starts the Forest, but hangs on "connecting client" message.
        • Navigating to the Favorites server menu in-game shows an empty list
      • Adding the server by IP:port doesn't show the server either in the steam server browser or the in-game favorites menu, as expected but was worth a try.
    • Approach 2: Direct start option
      • Similar results as connecting via the steam server browser, game starts but hangs on "connecting client" message.

    Using the server browser join method correctly shows the same IP:port as I used in the other methods, so I cannot figure out why it is not working correctly.

    Is the server browser the only supported method of connecting to the server?

  • As in the OP, adding it to steam favorites works, however it does not show up in game so I can not join.

    Joining from the steam favorites also does not work.

    Changing filters works occasionally, it can take as many as 10-15 refreshes before the server shows up in this list, very inconsistent.


    Closed the thread.