ARK SERVER CRASHING (issue #2 with Nitrado in under a month)

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  • This is the second time in under a month I've needed to come back onto the forums/ticket system.

    ARK server changed to a new map (Ragnarok) - huge lag spikes, crashes <30mins in, connection timeouts, maxed ram usage despite no-one on it. Stopped and restarted a new blank wipe on the original map (Valguero) that'd been used for a month plus, and now it's also riddled with the same lag spikes, hang ups, crashes and time outs.

    Now to answer the default copy/paste questions from the mods:

    - No, there are no log files to illustrate any crash reports (that I can find within /shootergame/saved/logs/...)
    - Yes, I have raised a ticket

    And no, i'm not impressed with the crap service that's being hypothetically provided. :thumbdown:

  • Thank you for submitting a ticket.

    Tickets are typically picked up within 24hrs, but as you noticed when submitting a message appeared advising that you may experience a longer delay.

    Also the tickets are picked up in the order in which they are received.

    Thank you.

  • Yes and this time, rather than copy pasting a generic response (like last time) it gets better ! - this time it's not an answer to an utterly different question, 'this' time they've copied the text from my ticket and pasted that AS THEIR RESPONSE...

    Now. Remind me what part of Nitrado as a "Professional Hosting Solutions" provider decided to hire an entire team of illiterate, idiotic, careless bunch of useless "individuals" ? and while you're at it, remind me WHY I'M PAYING FOR IT ?!

    Edit: They also had the audacity to close the ticket as "solved" as well !!? presumably to make sure they meet an internal SLA, but fear not, i've re-opened it and if they don't solve it this time i'll spend all the time I would be gaming making it "very" publicly known what sort of service this company offer.

  • I've just reviewed your ticket, they had offered to do something for you in the ticket. (For privacy reasons I won't bring that here)

    The whole conversation in the ticket is automatically quoted by the system in the response which may be why you thought they'd copy pasted. There's definitely a response there for you. Please check your E-Mail as it may not be displaying it properly in the My Support Requests page.

    I'll be bringing it up to the team to see how that happened.

  • I can assure you that there is nothing showing as I at least have the ability to both read and write.

    I have checked my emails and found the response (that was not showing in your "My Support Requests" page which is obviously broken as well)

    I will accept the offer of moving to a new hardware machine (which I have just emailed back to confirm), I trust that you will also ensure that my paid for months game time is reset once the new machine is setup. I do not expect to pay for a service that cannot/has not been delivered.

  • Hey Jaypadwick1!

    Thanks for helping us to discover this bug! (With tickets not displaying properly on the website) We've already found what's causing it and have implemented a temporary fix.

    It's also been escalated internally and is being looked into right away to get it fixed more permanently.

    Additionally we've added 1 month of free runtime to your server for helping us to discover the bug. We're also now creating a new forum trophy called "Bug Hunter" awarded to people that help us find big issues. You'll be receiving that trophy as soon as it's made.


    Closed the thread.