This mod is installed automatically on the next server start. - keeps coming back

  • I'm trying to get mods going on my server, I believe I'm doing everything correctly, I've been trying to get this going for 2 days now, wiping my server (it's new anyway) and stopping the server, installing, verifying installation of mods in single player, add "AcitveMods=" into the GameUser.ini and nothing seems to work.

    Everytime I load the server, it's like vanilla, non-modded. I see on the mod page it says they will install, it looks like they do, so I load up the server when "This mod is installed automatically on the next server start." is gone. Then, when I get into the server and refresh my Nitrado server info, it brings back "This mod is installed automatically on the next server start."

    Anyone have any tips or words of wisdom? I'd really like to get this done properly, playing with my brother and friends and they are waiting on me to fix this. :(

  • I am assuming you are asking about a Nitrado Server as that is what this forum is for. You mention SP which has nothing to do with Nitrado server.

    You just add the modID on the mod page, click save, then restart.

    If you have multiple mods, use a , between mods.

    IE: 658112994,893735676,1163444471

  • I appreciate the response, it's the first one I received of my posts! :) The problem to this issue, was there was a checkbox that only allows Steam and/or Epic players to join. Having that checked disabled all mods, it took me way too long to find that button. Again, thank you for the information.


    Set the Label from PC / Steam to PC / Epic