Scum SERVER - Issue with random new character being created, and buildings dissapearing

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  • Dear team,

    me and a friend co-own a server (thecrack60)

    Yesterday after already rolling back the server (cause of buildings dissapearings) and after few hours of playing, we decided to head-of and continue later.

    I log in today and not only are me and the other player butt-naked we also lost all our stuff + the base we build yesterday AND we changed race (we had black characters) and now suddenly we are white?.. WTH is going on with the server? honestly i almost feel like being trolled or something...X (

  • riltjd

    Changed the title of the thread from “Issue with random new character being created, and buildings dissapearing” to “Scum SERVER - Issue with random new character being created, and buildings dissapearing”.
  • Hello,

    Have you read the entire thread

    SCUM Servers - An Update

    It has other recommendations and updates

    Hi DOAGEN, thanks for the reply.

    So yes, i did mostly and yesterday we actually restarted the server from scratch (fresh install) @cryptoninja was even so nice to give some recommendations on how to set up. After only having trouble with the servers from the get go, we continued with what seemed to be no issues at all. However at one moment the server froze and threw our group out (5-6 people), they reconnected right after with no issues so we did not take it as a problem and continued playing for a few hours. Suddenly this morning i get on the server and its rolled back to the exact time we had the disconnection. so once again all is lost, and i feel like we did not have a single day of stable use of the server at all yet. its actually to a point where restarting over and over is starting to wear out on the whole joy of playing this game in general, with some of our members already discussing to try another game.

  • Hey,

    Ask support to delete your server and set a fresh one up and see how that goes, seems to have worked for a few others from what I've read.



  • Unfortunately we ended up switching providers and requesting a refund as we didn't have a single day of stable use, the support inst solving the issue /responding in timely manner, and the server user interface is super laggy / not finished.

    Honestly leaves quite a bitter taste as i'm more then happy to support new developments and would have loved to continue with Nitrado, however the product as advertised is not close to what was given, currently this is more of an experimental/early release stage then a finalized product, but still charging full price. However.. lets see if in the future this changes and we will check up on a possible switch back in a few months once your product has stabilized.

  • I have to disagree on that one , i have bought a server as soon it was available and it is still running flawless now. True it was not a great start but we have our servers running thanks to some patience and helping out troubleshooting. Nitrado staff aswell have done a great job already with fixing the issues , and Nitrado WILL refund you when you submit a ticket. They will not transfer to a bank account because of legal reasons (if you know something about laws you would understand) but you will get your credits back on here so you are able to repurchase a server when they fixed it... Sounds like a solid fix for me tho. I also would like to add that it might not be Nitrado's mistake but the developers of scum cause of giving out incomplete game files... anyway... it all works fine here and if you need help , plenty ppl here are willing to help out where necesarry