[Closed] [Server Prize] ARK Server Tutorial Competition!


    Ark: Survival Evolved is a complicated server to run!

    We've added the Ark tutorial section to the forum so that helpful members of the community can share tutorials on different things to do with Nitrado Ark: SE servers!

    We're launching a competition to build up the tutorial section!


    The winning tutorial will be pinned.

    The author will receive:

    1. A "Helpful" badge on the forum.
    2. A 70 Slot Ark: Survival Evolved server on the platform of their choice, for 6 months!


    In order to enter you must post a tutorial on doing something with an Ark: Survival Evolved Server. The sooner the tutorial is posted, the more time it has to accumulate likes, replies and views. But this is not the only metric we will use to judge.


    The winner will be chosen by Nitrado's forum team, based on:

    1. Number of likes, replies and views the tutorial receives.
    2. How well presented the tutorial is. (Is it pin worthy?)
    3. How much in-depth, troubleshooting, common problems etc are included.

    The competition will end in 1 month. (24th July 2020)


    1. The tutorial can be about any platform (PC, Xbox, PS4, Mobile)
    2. The tutorial must be about Nitrado Ark Servers
    3. The tutorial must be accurate
    4. The tutorial can be about anything, any kind of technical task, step by step, how to etc
    5. The tutorial must be in English
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