Customer Service Horrible

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  • It takes forever they never answer the phone! You send an email that takes 5 days to answer so here my server ticks away for 5 days so each slot loses days everytime there is a problem! I have been with Nitrado for 4 years and all it has done is get worse and worse! I just spent $160 on servers I can't start because they do not show in the list! I am about to go to another provider:cursing:

  • Hello

    I'm sorry that support is taking much longer than normal. Please understand with everything going on. There has been a large amount of servers purchased this does increase support and tickets as well. Im asking to please give it a little longer. I get the frustration in it all. Support will get to the ticket and will make it right.

    Please make sure to update your ticket voicing these concerns. Have you tried to reach out via Skype or through the chat as well?


    Closed the thread.