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  • I have to say I am extremely disappointed with the service on my call today. I had purchased a server for Ark mobile for my kids to use. They are able to connect just fine while on WiFi but are not able to via cell signal. It keeps spinning and eventually times out. I finally decided to call and eventually support addressed my call. I explained my problem to him and he said it was my signal. He din't even have my user ID to look up my account. He could have at least had the decency to investigate instead of basically saying "you're out of luck". I explained to him that I am able to stream movies with these same devices and he explained that it is not the same thing. Me being a lay person could not quite comprehend that concept and after multiple questions he said it might be a port issue. I asked him if he could provide me with a port number to call the phone company about. He then changed back to saying the issue is on my end without giving me the port number, a satisfactory explanation, or a way to fix the problem. In a world where everyone is at each other's throats these days-how about showing a little humanity and help a father who is trying to do something nice for his kids? ?( Nitrado if you're listening, please give me a hand and help me figure this out without making me feel like I am an inconvenience to you

  • Other posts already exist for this same issue.

    Its either you need to enable VPN, or open ports on your router. In the forums a thread exists for what ports are needed.

    Also the Wiki would have additional info.

  • Not true. You could be on City or public Wifi which is someone's else piece of equipment.

    Carrier could be blocking it or down throttling it. You may want to contact them and inquire on throttling or consumer speeds if games are supported.

    What you are asking is a client and not server issue. Some folks used VPN on the cell and it worked.

    The ARK Wiki and the Wiki provides the port information if that is what you are inquiring.

  • I shut the wifi completely off to try it strictly on cell, still no luck. Thank you for the info. I'll try to call the carrier and see what they say. Has anyone else that uses AT&T had this issue? Anyone know specifically what to say? Most times you call and go through the phone tree and the help on the other end doesn't seem to know what you are talking about. So if anyone does have any experience with it I would love to know. Thanks

  • When I called ATT for my cell, they said for the most part block all gaming ports other than ones that are on the APP.

    They do this to limit network saturation. Just my personal experience.

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