Increasing Tropeo Spawn Rate

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  • Has anyone successfully modified the game.ini to increase the Tropeo spawn rate. I've done it before with success for other dinos, such as the Quetz, but haven't notice any success on The Island.

    I'm using this line in the Game.ini:


  • whoa, those are huge numbers for the weight and limit. that may be the reason for it.



    SpawnWeightMultiplier=2 ; this essentially changes the chance the tropeo will be selected to fill in the dino slot when a dino dies.
    SpawnLimitPercentage=5 ; this essentially changes the % of tropeos can be on the whole map at once out of the whole wild dino cap. So if 5% of tropeo exists out of the whole dino limit on the map, no more will spawn.

    But settings in ark isnt so simple, if they are to high they may not spawn or they may affect other dino spawns, for example, you may not see any spinos or tusos when adding a new dino to the map or when increasing an existing dino spawn rate.