Breeding multiplier

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  • For some reason none of my multipliers are working. Im trying to adjust the interval for mating to rapidly mate argentavis's but no matter what i change the value to the time between breeding stays at 1 day.

  • Same here @southbraves...mating interval seems to be randomized although I've changed it to a specific timer. Any ideas as to how to change this so that it doesn't randomize timers would be appreciated DOAGEN?!


  • No idea. My timers are working correctly. Its not random. ARK wiki talks more in detail on the timers. Its not the same for all dinos. Each dino reacts differently when you adjust the global.

    Also this is a old thread when a certain version was out of date. It was really bad in June.

  • If you changed your timer in the file then restarted your server you will need to either wait for the timer on your dino or upload/transfer it to reset the timer. Then it will be set at your current mating interval. Also when you set a mating interval unless you set it incredibly low like .0001 the timers are going to be in a between range like at .2 its like a random timer between 4-9 hours