Does updating your mods on the server cause a server wipe?

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  • So i had trouble logginng on to my server this morning, found out one of the mods was out of date, so i stopped the server to update it, then started it up again. When i tried to connect to the server in game, it took me to character creation, which is wrong because i already had a character on the server, and i have already done quite a number of things on there. Did updating the mods cause a server wipe?

  • atm there are a lot of issues with the game update itself. Offcourse this will affect mods but reading up on the funcom forums it also has happend with non modded offcial servers. Nitrado cant do alot about this. lets just keep our fingers crossed for a better patch and then you might want to roll back a previous backup. not sure if it wil work even then.

    Keep a eye on the funcom forums for more info.