Wrong server??

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  • Hello I bought a server yesterday for me and my xbox friends but I think we bought the wrong one. The version we have is 311.99 but our xbox is in 799.18. We cant find the name of the server anywhere when we try to join. I believe its because we got the PC server and not Xbox. Would you be able to update the server so we can play or give us a refund do buy the correct one?

  • Hello

    To request a refund you will have to go through support for thsg which requires a support ticket to be written.

    When it comes to purchasing xbox servers it must be done through the Nitrado app on your xbox one itself. You can still purchase the server and write the support ticket as well. There isn't a way to switch to an xbox server using your current one as xbox is done through Microsoft.

    Hope this answers your question for you.

    Support | nitrado.net