Trying to upload DayZ offline map creation into Nitrado

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  • So my goal is to be able to make a map in DayZ offline and upload it to Nitrado and then edit loots spawns and add mods and all that jazz. The command I use for dayz offline to preserve my edits and whatnot works great in DayZ offline but when I attempt to upload the same thing to Dayzstandalone>mpmissions>dayzoffline.chernarusplus>init.c , the server will start and everything on Nitrado however when I click to join the server on DayZ the main menu will flash like its attempting to join but then kicks me to the main menu.

    I see this in my logs.

    10:32:47 Mission read.

    10:32:47 Connected to Steam

    10:32:47 Steam policy response

    10:32:47 [Disconnect]: No packets from 119762263 in login queue

    10:32:47 [Disconnect]: DisconnectPlayerFinish 119762263

    10:32:47 [Disconnect]: Remove player info 119762263