Ark server Admin epic game

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  • You will need to get your player ID and enter that into the Player/Admins section of the configuration file. To do that:

    1. Make sure you've already joined and created a character on your server by playing for at least 15 minutes.
    2. Go to the File Browser for your server under Tools in the sidebar of the Nitrado web interface.
    3. Go to the "arkse/ShooterGame/Saved/SavedArks" directory.
    4. Copy the filenames of the file with the ".arkprofile" extension. This is your Player ID, converted into a numerical that is cross-platform compatible.
    5. Paste the ID into the Player/Admins section of the configuration file.
    6. Save the config and restart the server.
    7. Test to see if you can access the admin menu by pressing "Tab" and entering the command "ShowMyAdminManager" into the console (without quotation marks). If it pops up, it works.
  • I can not find the configuration file. Where is it. Could you help me please? I only found the configurationprofile.

    Sorry. By "configuration file" I meant the server settings you access via Nitrado Web Interface. Login to the Web Interface, and on the left sidebar look for "General" under "Settings." You should then be taken to your server configuration. There, you can input the player IDs of your admins in the Player section of the page.

  • How can I find myself in those files...
    We have some players and I just want to set my profile for this...

    You can open each file and search for your character name.

    Or do it the easier way:

    1. Login to your server
    2. Open the console by pressing Tab
    3. Type enablecheats <admin password>, using the admin password found on your Nitrado server web interface dashboard
    4. You should be admin now, but just to make sure: while still in the console, type ShowMyAdminManager
    5. Using the menu that pops up, confirm that you've added yourself as an admin