Quality reset?

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  • You don't have to shut down the server to change maps.

    Back to your question. I believe when you change maps or when ever you do a update, restart of server etc, it goes back to a save point which resets everything on map. I believe the data for quality resources are stored in local memory, so when map or server is changed or restarted it clears the local memory. That is just the nature of computers. I would guess storing that data in system storage takes up to much room or for some other reason causes problems or just hasn't been placed that way into the game yet. Still early phase of the game. This is just my guess and i don't know if they ever said the exact reason why.

  • Hmm interesting, makes sense though. Next question, So yesterday morning around 0930 I harvested so quality material. Today when i logged on around 1900 that quality resource has only regenerated up to 16Q. Why is that? I thought it was 10min per quality and it was 100Q wood, so that would take 1,000 minutes about 17 hours. Its been well over that time frame. Has anyone else noticed that?

  • Quality of resources that you gather also depends on the tier and quality level of the tools you are using. Also it's my understand that resources quality goes up to 250 but you only can collect up to 100. So if you got a tier 5 tool but the quality is for instance 50 to get quality 100 the resource quality would need to be like 150. So your talking like 25+ hours. I was also told as the quality gets higher like the post above the quality takes more like 15 minutes to go +1, so that could mean more like 30+ hours.

  • Servers crash at times and could cause quality to reset. Also when there is any updates or any time your server restarts it resets the quality. When you change map tile on last oasis web interface it also resets the quality. Some people have reported on there server for some reason if your not in the area of resources they wont start to go up in quality till they render in and others said if someone wasn't log into the map the resources would stop going up in quality. I don't think it's suppose to be that way as i never had that problem on my server.

  • There also seems to be a setting that factors in relative location between active users and the resource. I have had many instances where I will be working all day in the SouthEast side of the map and harvesting Q80-100, and then travel to the NorthWest side (where my Q80 cattails are) and everything up there is not even in the teens yet. If I stay up there and work the quality continues to go up, and if I log out in that area it seems to continue going up, but the other side of the map becomes stagnant.

  • Yeah, that is what i had noticed as well... ted68wert, you had mentioned you dont have to shutdown a server to have the other one up as well. How is that? whenever i start up my Iron Map, it deactivates my regular hard mode map.

    I'm talking about the nitrado server. Changing map tiles on last oasis interface has nothing to do with the nitrado server, it stays running. Changing map tiles resets the data on last oasis end back to last save and that's why quality resources reset back to zero.