Addon 'A3_Data_F_Tacops' requires addon 'A3_Data_F_Orange_Loadorder'

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  • Hello,

    after the recent update, my ArmA 3 Server has been showing me this error message. Does that mean that the IDAP DLC is not installed on Nitrados ArmA 3 Server Installation?? The server is not surpassing this message (line 26) in the .rpt logs, ergo it does not try to continue starting up after that message... Need solutions :P

    Thanks very much in advance,


  • the nitrado servers have an issue at the min that they are saying that its bohemia fault and need to fix the server every server for arma 3 is having the same issue with missing files after checking myself the files are active on the server but we get errors similar to yours

    you need to do this to get the server fixed but it isnt secure in your server.cfg file you need to change the line from

    verifySignatures = 1;


    verifySignatures = 0;

    this will resolve the issue but it opens you up to hackers i suppose as it will not verify players files

    hope this helps

    i have 3 servers with another host and not had any issues like im having with nitrado arma 3 server so i think its an nitrado problem