Footstep sounds disappearing and E button not working

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  • I've been playing around with my server since I bought it a few days ago, just testing how it runs and every game I start has the same bugs. I can play for about 5 minutes, going through the tedious tutorial and then I lose the ability to pick up stones. The prompt 'Press E to pick up stone' or whatever it is appears but it simply doesn't work. This is always accompanied by a loss of character generated audio. Sometimes I also fall through the world. If I restart, the problem goes away for another 5 minutes. I was also fighting a zombie when he seemed to lose interest and walk off, almost as if I didn't exist anymore.

    I've been playing on Navezgane (4096). I'd like to try RGW (8192) but it gets stuck at 'Downloading world 4%'. I've left it for about an hour and monitored my network traffic but there's no data being downloaded.