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  • hi there i also have supported scum from day one , i brought a server for 64 slots and it started ok straight away we then changed the max puppets and it worked very well we then changed the server name and it logged us all in with no clothes andd all medium stats ? so we reinstalled the server to find we couldnt set any settings at all not even set the server name so we opened up a live chat to be told its a performance issue and it will take 25 mins to do, then told he cant do it need to go higher , so we asked for him to cancel server and we will just ordered another to have it completely fail on us ive waied and sent 3 tickets to no reply ive msg leva opaki ? today at 3pm i was finaly 33 hours later able to name my server so i upgraded to max pakage spending nearly 150 to find server is failing now after caracter creation im gettin database error plz help me