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  • hey there so ive been reading up on the crossark functions , i have 2 servers which have been trying to link however placing the cluster ids in both servers still dont work , i have tried everything in the forums yet when approaching the obelisks there is no transfer button and no servers appear , yet in the erver list both of my servers are showing , it just seems they dont want to link together, what i did was create cluster id in one server then selected the crossark tab then saved server then copied the cluster id and pasted it to the 2nd server and enabled the crossark tab then saved that server , after then i restarted both servers and launched game , yet nothing changed , any ideas ?

  • Hello,

    Based on what you have said already you have more yet to set up. Please review the following Wiki.

    Also note being a major ARK update was released, WC may have temp disable CA. They have been doing that for years.

  • You have to check additional boxes to enable different things which you did not say you did above.

    Also as mentioned, it could be that WC has them offline atm due to Major PC updates.

    A couple of choices you have is wait for a few hours and see if they self resolve or submit a ticket to Nitrado Support. My CA's work fine atm.

  • yeh all the restrictions are not enabled , otherwise nothing will be able to transfer , in the loadscreen my servers show however in the ark terminal it states no servers availible , and there is no transfer tab everything is done on the crossark page to enable it yet nothing shows , also this has been going on now for 3 weeks its not recently and i did submit a ticket for it but have not been contacted by nitrado for over 3 weeks