SCUM server not working properly...

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  • Battlemetrics is listing your Query Port. Which is +2 of the normal port.

  • Nitrado states my Query port is 7978 not 7979? 7979 is listed as my RCON port...

    Also I just tried running SCUM and connecting to which Nitrado lists as my server port and it fails, whereas which is what appears on battlemetrics as my server ip connects me straight to the game, so 7979 is indeed my game port so its being reported incorrectly.

    Its a definite bug.

    Happy to get a chat going to assist you with this as I have free time?

  • lets hgope i dont get a dta bae error this time :)

    Hey o0mally, if you're the streamer I watch you quite often dude xD haha

    I had the database issue which I managed to fix after a re-install.

    Only issues I seem to have at the moment are:

    -Server being launched on a different port than one listed in the Nitrado control panel

    -AdminList etc. not yet implemented

  • Yeah you're entirely right! I'll report that. We'll also update our Wiki page on connecting to your SCUM server. (Doesn't currently mention the connect with IP method)

    thanks for giving me a warning for helping here? im streaming now lol data base error still cant get into server ive spent over 80 so far ?

    You were warned for posting a 90 odd lined config without a spoiler. (Warnings are points that accumulate up to a Suspension and then Ban) But the points do expire over time. Warnings are to keep the forum neat and tidy so that they're as useful as possible. Scrolling through a thread to read it without blocks of logs or config forced on you is something we like. Really do appreciate that you were listing the settings we'd asked for, but to keep the forum tidy any of the bigger copy pastes should be in a spoiler. :)

    Regarding "Database operation failed!", looks like this was an issue introduced with the overhaul of the settings. Team is looking into it right now

    service not working... 0 cpu, can't connect... phpmyadmin with no tables.

    i think everyone here is feeling like scammed... service not ready

    "Database operation failed!" Is being looked at right now! Anybody with missed time will have it added back, don't worry! :)

    The blank mySQL server a lot of Nitrado game servers get as a free addon comes with no tables that's correct.

  • ok. i reinstalled server, set setting same as gportal and its not saving agian, its like its gone bk to crashing agian, cant even name server again ???? and one last thing my server now says 28 day left but ive not got a chance to play i hope u vcorrect this :) but as for now ill just wait

  • Another bug, with the config:


    Default value for this setting is 21600 however Nitrado has put a limit of 1800 on this which is way too short. Can you please remove the limiter off this server setting? Fails to save if any number higher than 1800 is entered.

  • Just wanted to give you all an update!

    Five separate things:


    The overhaul of the settings removed some important settings regarding gampires Master Servers, they're there by default but when clicking save on the webinterface settings they're removed. - Being looked into right now. This is causing the Database operation failed! issue, we're adamant to have this fixed as quickly as possible.


    "Reserved Player" "Admin Access" "BanList" and "Exclusive Join" lists are missing, will be added soon!


    BlueprintsAutoDestroyTime default is 21600 (We currently limit it to 1800)

    MaxAllowedAnimalsInWorld default is 100 and should be able to be 0. (Currently must be 100 or more)

    SectorCooldownResetMultiplier=0 by default (currently missing)


    Descriptions for a lot of the settings are not added yet (On the to do list)


    Ports are misleading on the webinterface, will be updated!

    Thanks for your patience everyone! Will bring you updates as I get them!

  • i think u put ur steam id in there ? ok so i managed to get setting in and am now on server but my freind cant its saying he needs a password but there inst one but server keeps asking i go look it seems it want to input gamepires as password and cannot be deleted guys plz :)

  • I want my money back !!! besides all the reported problems, not even the server appears in the global list. Nitrado should be ashamed to launch an unfinished product ... Ah, and no response from support team....

    This is quite normal here just look at Thursday was a holiday and today Friday will be cleaned up then the weekend comes ..

    Either everyone is already mentally on the weekend or the problem is bigger than nitrado wants to admit. (the main thing is money) but somehow that's nothing new about the store here Kind regards

  • Mekki

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