cannot stabalize Last oasis to formulate realm

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  • hey guys I'm real new here and with all the zerging decided I wanted to set up an oasis with an iron map in rotation as an area for me and a few friends to be able to play in relative safety. Issue is I bought the space paid for it and on the dashboard according to the walkthroughs and videos I've looked at it says get the server running. well everytime I tell it to start it goes through a restart process, then shuts itself off. I've already had it reinstall Last oasis and I have been trying for over 30 hours now to get it started so I can select a couple maps to put into rotation. However the snag is getting it running so that I can create the realm. there seems to be no troubleshooting I've been waiting for over 36 hours on a resolution or response to my ticket while my rented time ticks away and my time away from work is becoming fruitless. Does anyone know what I may be lacking? I have already put in the alphanumeric IDentifier it requested in the wiki going to the page it gave me to retrieve it after logging into my steam. it just wont go passed restart. Any help would be great 8)

  • It is odd that no one seems to know how to fix this I've watched several videos on it as well as done further research and this problem just doesn't seem to occur for others. As well as there has been no response to my ticket :( does anyone know at least how long it takes for tickets to be processed? I've been waiting several days now :(