Tranferring my non dedicated server to my Dedicated

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  • Im pretty new to dedicated server hosting, ive been reading up on it for a few days now and so I decided to buy my own so my buddies can play without me being online. The problem is me an my friend want to transfer our non dedicated server data to the new dedicated server and I have found various different threads about how to do this but some are pretty old and they have not worked for me, I always just end up booting the server up and entering the game as a new fresh character and not having any shred of my non dedicated progress. I just want to figure out if this is still possible to do? I have seen people saying that it can be done and if that's the case if anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great, ive tried uploading all the desired files to the file explorer on the nitrado dashboard, and changing the localplayer ones to my steamid64 all to no avail, any help would be much appreciated!

  • Hello,

    Many threads already exist here in great detail how to do this.

    The quick summary...

    Start with a new server.

    Stop server, wait at least 5m.

    Do NOT copy your gus or game.ini over. SP has extra stuff in them. Look at your existing ini files and adjust them in the web GUI where applicable.

    Save, restart server.

    Stop server, wait at least 5m.

    Add modID's, save, restart server.

    Stop server, wait at least 5m.

    With FTP copy your game and profile files over.

    Restart server.

    Some will tell you you can do this all in one swoop. Problem is you may have issues along the way. Doing little by little you can check the server as you go.

    I've done this process 100s of times.

    *note depending on what map you are running, switch server map and restart.

  • Ahh I haven't came across one yet I guess, although I did just come home and tried to see if it will work before trying what you suggested, so my character loaded on at the correct level but was in a different location on the map and also did not have any items and im also sure that means no structures. Should I expect to be able to get everything back the way it was, I suppose I should try and find one of the threads that already explained this but I will try what you suggest, thank you.