[SOLVED] Players getting kicked from Lobby "'Idles kicked" [All MODPACK]

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  • Hello everyone,

    If some of you encounter the problem of getting kicked off the Lobby for "Idles Kick" or anything else, this is a new features on Arma 3 since the last update

    To solve it :

    1. you must go into your Server Config File "Server.cfg"
    2. Scroll to your "// INGAME SETTINGS"
    3. Add the following line :

    KickLobbyIdlers = -1;

    According to the test, "-1" value set it "unlimited time" before getting kicked.

    You can put any value you want, 900, 3600...

    Hope it help some of you to solve the problem ! ;)

    ps : This solution works for Vanilla, Altis Life... Any Arma 3 Version/Modpack !

  • The-Killian

    Changed the title of the thread from “Players getting kicked from Lobby "'Idles kicked" [All MODPACK]” to “[SOLVED] Players getting kicked from Lobby "'Idles kicked" [All MODPACK]”.