Nitrogen Generated map isn't working - system generates its own map

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  • Hello, The first map is what's generated by Nitrogen World Map Generator and the 2nd is what's generated by the visitmap command: visitmap -4096 -4096 4096 4096. So the issue seems to be with the server and why it's generating a map when there is one there for it. I've been using nitrado for a long time now and have only had this problem recently. I generate a map with Nitrogen and upload with filezilla. When I start the server and join the game it isn't the map I generated with nitrogen but a 7days to die generated map. Any help with this? The config files are fine, the server logs only give errors I already know about and shouldn't effect generation of the map since they're modlet errors.

  • After some searching it looks like the issue is with the control panel. It looks like the system only reads what's premade in the lookup table for the control panel and totally disregards the serverconfig.xml file. Thereby stopping me from adding my own pre-generated world from Nitrogen World Generator! Can someone fix this please? It would be nice if the system actually looked for the folders within the saves directory and listed those.

    Cause now the system keeps rebooting.