Time till full Quality

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  • Resources grow 1 point every 10 minutes, so you can work out from there how long it will take to get to high enough quality. You have to remember that your tool type and quality makes a difference to the quality you actually harvest.

  • I know the tool makes a difference and i know i heard it's 10 minutes to go up 1 point. That would mean 16.6 hours to go from quality 1 to 100. My tile i been on, was running about 23 hours and i was getting 78 bone spliters and i waited 30 to 40 minutes and it went up to quality 82. So even almost 24 hours later it's still not up to full quality. What the max quality, I though it was 100 or is it higher? It seems like my server is taking longer to get up to full quality.

  • Every spawn group has a different max quality. The overall max is 250, but those bones may top out at 82 for your tool. Also, a spawn needs to grow by 2 points for every extra point you harvest if your tool is below the spawn level. It's an average between your tool quality and the material. So waiting for 40 mins will get you 2 points of growth if your tool is below 82.

  • Thanks for the info. I'm now getting quality 93 with level 47 nibiran battle axe. The quality is still going up. Tile been active for like 27, 28 hours. I didn't think i would take that long before i hit the max quality.

    How can u get quality materials? Im using T3 axe and im geting 1 lvl materials For example tree was 35/40 and im geting only 1 lvl

  • if you are having trouble getting into HQ materials try this trick

    1 - collect 1HQ wood and 1HQ fiber (can be done with reg axe)

    2 - make a 1HQ beatstick with these materials

    3 - use the 1HQ beatstick on HQ stumps or HQ fallen logs and you can get up to 20HQ wood.

    4 - use the 20HQ wood with any regular fiber and rupu vines and it will make a around a 6HQ woodworking station.

    5 - welcome to HQ materials without needing HQ rupu vine