HQ Clay patches

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  • are HQ clay patches missing from these private servers?

    ive gone around to just about every clay patch on my server and all of them are 0 quality. i made sure to check several spots on each patch

    im useing a 59HQ extractor loaded with 80HQ ash. only seeing the base 46HQ clay every time

  • I've been searching hard too.

    I can confirm that quality clay does exist - my SE gets q44 clay with q80 ash but i did find one tiny patch on a clay area that gave q45. Useless but it proved they do exist.

    It looks like the patches of q clay are tiny though - so just testing in a few spots is likely to mean missing them.

    It is an incredibly frustrating part of the game - expecting us to spend hours and hours moving an SE a few feet each time to check for Quality clay..... We've given up trying to find any tbh. It's a game - not a job.

  • Same, i just create the highest qual furnace i can and just deal with qual 52 ceramic lol

  • On my hard map I have q71 clay using q68 extractor. I have 3 x bone q80, a few mushrooms q80, a lot of wood q100, a few redwood q100, a lot of corn q80, a lot of stone q62+ but I found only one rupu village with q80 vine and after disappearing 3 days ago it did not appear again. There is also a problem with cattails - the best is q40.

  • On my hard map:

    plenty of of q100 wood.

    Reasonable amount of q80 Cattail

    Small amount of Q80 Fibre

    Reasonable amount of Q80 Stone

    One large patch of Q80 Ash (which the crab lives on - sniping time with fire bolts from a distance)

    No bones over Q16 - have to switch tot he crater map and wait if I need those....

    One tiny patch on a clay patch of Q1 clay found so far and as I said we have all but given up looking as its soul destroying...

    Zero quality rupu vines found sof ar other than one single Rupu village which spawns at Q25 on my med map..

    So Rupu and clay are basically stuck at Q0.

  • my hard map so far.

    tons of Q wood (basicaly a given)

    2 large patches of 80HQ cattails

    couple large patches of 80HQ corn

    a patch of 8 80HQ cotton

    couple of patches of 80HQ fiber

    1 solitary 80HQ Redwood sitting on a hill

    decent amount of 80HQ stone

    1 single solitary 80HQ bone

    2 large patches of 80HQ ash (safe from the crabs)

    but so far 0 HQ clay patches