Dead Matter Server Questions

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  • Hi,

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but I just have a few General Questions that you guys might be able to answer.

    I know the game isn't out yet and you guys don't have the game files yet, but do you guys have an average price for a 36 player server?

    Also, I have never heard of Nitrado, how are your servers compared to everyone else(crashes or lags when servers get full)? How many servers do you put on a single rig?

    Looking forward to host a server here on launch day. Thank you for the help in advance!

  • You can check the price on your own. Just start the order process, you can play around with the slot count and see the money before confirming the order.

    Eg: Publicserver:

    I have hosted a few servers here and i can't complain.

    BTW: I don't know if nitrado will offer servers at the launch day.

    No support via PM.

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  • Do you know how many servers are on each rig?

    Eg. 3 servers per rig

    What kind of servers you hosted and what kind of traffic does it get? (Eg. Full DayZ server 100/100 daily)

    On the Dead Matter discord, it looks like you guys are a official server provider for Dead Matter. They stated we can rent servers from Nitrado on launch day (day 1)