The strict point of high-quality resources does not match the official website?

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  • In the high-level map of the official website that I know, high-quality resources are very abundant. In my personal server, there is only one high-quality ivory, only one point of high-quality vines, and it is refreshed randomly. I have run through the whole picture of the high-quality cat tail, and I still can't find one. This is really ridiculous. . . . . .

  • I have found the quality resources to be approximately the same as the official servers. It's completely random, so you may or may not find some of what you want on every map.

    This is not a question for Nitrado, they do not have any control over the game server or what's on it. You should post it on the official Donkey Crew forums.

  • We had no quality Bones on our hard map - none.

    Our Iron crater map has 3 groups of 3 though - but that in itself is annoying because we have to have the map active for at least 20 hours before we can harvest it. All the while the clock on our hard map is stopped as its not active....

    Roll on multi tile servers......... I do have hope they will come from the setting in Myrealms that says its mode is Single Oasis, suggesting there is a multi oasis mode...