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  • Ok I have rented a server and im struggling to get all the mods I want on it to work and was wondering if there is someone that is more experienced than me to help me out with the mods and the admin side of things message me on my discord ( air_wolf#8250 )

  • OK cool well my server is for Dayz standalone (PC)

    and my wish list for mods is:

    @[Remastered] Arma Weapon Pack;@BadgerBuildings;@Banking;@BaseBuildingPlus;@BuildAnywhere;@BuilderItems;@BulletStacksPlusPlus;@CF;@CJ187-AR15;@Cl0ud's Military Gear;@COCA's No Vehicle Damage MOD;@Code Lock;@Community-Online-Tools;@Dayz Navigation;@DayZ-Expansion-Notifications-Info&Killfeed;@DisableBaseDestruction;@Disease Injectors;@Docs_Weapon_Pack_Standalone;@GoreZ;@InventoryPlusPlus;@IRP-Land-Rover-Defender-110;@Mass'[email protected]tention;@Modular Vest System;@MoreGuns;@MuchStuffPack;@MunghardsItempack;@PartyMe;@PvZmoD_Spawn_System;@Server_Information_Panel;@SIX-DayZ-Auto-Run;@Specialist Weapon Pack;@Trader;@Unlimited Stamina;@VanillaPlusPlusMap;@Water-Resistant Military Gear;@WeaponReduxPack;@WindstridesClothingPack

    and like ive sed idd like some one that is more in the know to help me set it up and run the server

    my discord : air_wolf#8250 / join to help Discord

  • This is a ton of mods!

    You won’t get lucky in future because everytime a mod gets an update you have to do the update manually by yourself on your server.

    Yesterday Bohemia released DayZ 1.08 Experimental , so we can expect stable update in a week maybe.

    I don’t know if the incoming update will break many mods again, so I suggest to wait for the stable update and I personally won’t put so many mods on my server.

    Third thing is the performance of your server may struggle because of running such a ton of mods.

    Sorry, this is too much work for me atm, so I am out.

  • that's fine and i understand but they are the mods id like but i know ill have to take some off that's why i want help with the server as id like to know what works well

    the main mods im after is really ;@Trader;@Banking;@CF;@MedicalAttention and some more guns and stuff

  • Ok, take a look at Nitrados Interface, there is an option to give a customer of Nitrado limited access to your server (NOT TO YOUR ACCOUNT):

    edit guest access rights

    Maybe I find the time to help you next days, we can meet in Discord and I can share my screen , so you can watch my steps.

    This would be the easiest way.