Changing Oasis

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  • I have had a look through the forums but i can't seem to find the answer to my questions. On your dashboard you are able to create up 5 Oasis, with 1 active at a time.

    do you need to shut down the server to switch to a different Oasis?

    Is it akin to burning the Oasis?, so in other words when you switch does the old one burn up with all the un-prefered walkers?

    Are you cable to delete an Oasis and select a different type?

  • You do not need to do anything to the server to change Oasis, just activate the other in myrealm and it will push it to the new server.

    It is NOT akin to burning. While your walkers will move to the new oasis, your structures etc. will stay on the old one. When you switch back, they will still be there. However, High Quality materials only mature on active servers, so keep that in mind when switching.

    You cannot delete or change oasis in any way. That's on Donkey Crew to add (and lord knows we've told them in the discord it's needed).